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A Key to Sustainable Future

Carbon Credits: The Currency of Climate Action

Carbon Trading: A Win-Win Solution for Business and the Environment


Voluntary Carbon Markets are essential for enabling climate finance

Accelerate global decarbonization

Help in mobilizing finance for climate mitigation


Supplement your company's efforts

Reduce global greenhouse-gas emissions with carbon credits

The voluntary carbon market is gaining momentum and plays an increasingly important role in limiting global warming


Regulated by


Operated By

EGX taswyaat



Story Of 2023

EGX with its partners developed a website and trading system to start the trading on carbon credits.

Story Of 2023

In 2023, The financial regulatory authority issued decrees for approving the validation and verification bodies. 

Story Of 2018

Idea of having a VCM is a part of EGX’s ongoing commitment to achieving sustainable development goals SDGs and its role as an enabler of finance.

Story Of 2018

The journey started back in 2018 when EGX first met the Ministry of Environment and proposed a voluntary carbon market

Story Of 2019

EGX studied the market structure and insights, and started to build the ecosystem.

Story Of 2022

In 2022, EGX in collaboration with the financial regulatory authority announced establishing a regulated voluntary carbon market on the sidelines of COP27.

Story Of 2022

In 2022, The Prime Minister issued a decree to approve carbon credits as tradable financial instruments.




Hear About

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AFRICARBONex is a step to enable and mobilize sustainable finance in the region; the market will incentivize climate mitigation efforts. AFRICARBONex is a part of EGX’s ongoing commitment to achieve the sustainable development goals SDGs and supporting the transition to low-carbon economy.

Mr. Ahmed Elsheikh - Chairman of The Egyptian Exchange

The new platform is consistent with the vision of the Egyptian state to achieve the goals of the green economy and support the sustainable development strategy, indicating that the government will work to provide all the guarantees and incentives required to support plans and business models that push towards achieving sustainable development, especially those that provide solutions to address climate change.

Dr. Hala Elsaid - Minister of Planning and Economic Development

Thanks and appreciation to the leaders of the Financial Regulatory Authority and the Egyptian Exchange, for their efforts to transform policies and ideas into reality.

Dr.Yasmine Fouad - Minister of Environment

Announcing the launch of the VCM during COP27, Dr. Madbouly expressed his great happiness at Egypt’s launch of the first voluntary African market for issuing and trading carbon credits, praising the role played by the Financial Regulatory Authority and the Egyptian Exchange, in a quick translation of the slogan of the year’s climate summit, which is moving from pledges to implementation.

Dr. Mostafa Madbouly - The Prime Minister of Egypt

What we are witnessing now is a historic moment, the VCM will serve as a pivotal market to help the African continent achieve carbon neutrality in accordance with international standards, and enhance the level of involvement of African companies in accessing innovative climate financing.

Dr. Mohamed Farid, Chairman of the Financial Regulatory Authority