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AFRICARBONex is a regulated voluntary carbon market established by the Egyptian Exchange that allows companies & entities to offset their residual emissions through buying & retiring high-quality carbon credits through a regulated auction operated by the Egyptian Exchange and regulated by The Financial Regulatory Authority. The market aims to reduce the risk of settlement and greenwashing, besides price discovery for the Egyptian and African credits. The market will also aim to monetize the reduction efforts in the region by facilitating trading on carbon credits that will be available for the entities wishing to reduce their carbon footprint. The market will boost financing African climate projects to achieve net zero and will help in reducing the risk of settlement and greenwashing besides price discovery for the Egyptian and African credits

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How It Works?

Through Validated & verified projects that address the problems of climate change and just transition in Egypt and Africa, AFRICARBONex enables organisations and people to lower their carbon impact and offset their residual emissions.







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The Egyptian Exchange (EGX) is the primary stock exchange in Egypt, serving as a platform for trading securities such as stocks, bonds, and derivatives. It plays a vital role in the country's economy by providing a regulated marketplace for investors to buy and sell financial instruments issued by Egyptian companies. EGX facilitates capital formation, investment opportunities, and contributes to the overall development of Egypt's financial markets.


It is an Egyptian joint stock company established by the Egyptian Stock Exchange (https://www.egx.com.eg) Holding Company for the Development of Financial Markets, with a capital of EGP 100 millions and in accordance with the decision No. 1250 made by the FRA (https://fra.gov.eg/) Board of Directors to establish the company on 21-May-2023, to settle financial positions derived from future trading.


The Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA) is the government body responsible for overseeing Egypt's non-banking financial sector. It was established in July 2009, consolidating previous regulatory agencies to enhance the stability and transparency of financial markets in Egypt. The FRA supervises a range of activities, including capital markets, insurance, mortgage finance, and more, and is part of global financial regulatory groups like IOSCO​.